How to Roast Pumpkin

I’m going to illustrate to you with some pictures on step by step how to roast pumpkin and how to make pumpkin puree. If you follow these instructions you can roast it perfectly and your pumpkin puree will be creamy and smooth.

Step 1: First of all wash the pumpkin and cut it in half with a sharp knife

Very important, to wash all the vegetables and fruits before peeling or cutting because the bacteria can easily into it. After washing wipe the pumpkin dry with a paper towel because the moisture doesn’t do it good during baking. Then take a big, sharp knife and cut the pumpkin in half lengthwise.

how to roast pumpkin
Halved pumpkins

Step 2: Remove the seeds from the pumpkin

Scrape seeds out of the pumpkin. Use a sharp spoon to scrape out all of the seeds.

how to roast pumpkin
Removing the seeds from the pumpkin

Step 3: Let’s see how and for how long the pumpkin should be roast

After halving and removing seeds brush the flesh of the pumpkin with oil then put the pumpkins in the oven and bake it at 350 degrees F (180 C) for 40-50 minutes. When the edges of the pumpkin begin to brown, caramelize, they are done.

Then take it out of the oven, let the pumpkin cool for 10 minutes before handling.

roast pumpkin
When edges of the pumpkin begin to brown, caramelize, they are done

How to make roast pumpkin puree

When the pumpkin is cool enough, scoop the flesh from their skin and compress it with a fork or potato press or add it to a high-speed blender. Blend until creamy or smooth.

What to make roasted pumpkin and pumpkin puree?

Here is some inspiration for how to use the roasted pumpkin or the pumpkin puree. You can slice, dice the flesh of the roasted pumpkin and can be consumed on its own or you can easily puree with a blender and use it for desserts (pumpkin muffin) or roasted pumpkin soup.

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