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My name is Tímea (Nickname is Timi) from Hungary. I have a lot of hobbies but why I started writing this blog is that my whole family love travelling and cooking. 

But how does travel relate to recipes?

During our travels, we have tried foods from other nations because we love to explore them. We prepared some of the favourites at home and these recipes have become part of our everyday life. That is why I decided to gather them on Cavalcade Of Taste food blog and share with you our best recipes in English. In my family, my mom and my sister (both named Bori) are the cooks so thanks to them that I can show you our recipes. 

Because we have already visited many parts of the world so we know that some ingredients are not easy to obtain or unknown outside Europe, such as ground red pepper, which is the basis of many Hungarian dishes. And this is just one of many ingredients. But don’t worry, I will help and give you a replacement where needed.

You must have heard before that Hungarian dishes are very delicious, colourful (due to the ground red pepper, among other things), so we hope, you will try them in your own home and love them too! Of course, in addition to Hungarian recipes, you can also find dishes of other nationalities.

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